Long Live Life Nashville is a city-wide youth initiative in Nashville, TN developed by The Mental Health Initiative, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The Long Live Life Youth Initiative's objective is to empower youth with leadership skills and involve them in community outreach, civic engagement, and advocacy. Our purpose is to reduce youth risk factors and encourage healthy, productive lifestyles.  


The Long Live Life Youth Program's aims to develop a network of community resources to:  

  • Empower youth with leadership abilities and skillS that can be effective in healthy decision-making throughout the course of life
  • Increase protective factors and reduce risk factors to avert violent behavior and/or victimization of violence 
  • Identify and facilitate goals and passions through meaningful and productive relationships  
  • Cognitively reconstruct distorted perspectives, values, and beliefs Introduce intervention techniques and coping skills, such as mindfulness, yoga, meditation, arts, and other healthy activities  


By combining marketing, data collection, and an innovative youth program curriculum to determine effective intervention strategies, reduction of youth risk factors can be achieved. Our innovative program curriculum uses multidisciplinary methods such as: 

  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Violence Prevention Division’s evidence-based four-level Social-Ecological Model (SEM) 
  • Youth Empowerment Solutions for Positive Youth Development (YES) - an evidence-based youth violence prevention curriculum  
  • A unique programmatic framework which targets specific core areas of an individual along with community activism, outreach, and preventative intervention strategies such as marketing and media campaigns  



We train youth to use their voice and advocate for community issues they feel most strongly about through outreach, engagement, and service!


Our unique program curriculum helps youth develop leadership and community activism skills as well as focus on specific core aspects including self-awareness and healthy decision-making!


Our innovative multidisciplinary approach provides youth with opportunities to become agents of social change and impact their communities through formed relationships and gained resources! 


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